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Welcome to Dice Tower Gaming; a lounge and café with a pop culture theme, filled with board game, Graphic Novel, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Pagan and alternative titles.

If this sounds awesome to you, feel free to click below to make a booking and we'll do our best to reserve a table and the games of your choice!

Community Events

It’s not just board games. We host a number of community events throughout the week for a variety of hobbies and interests.

Dungeons & Dragons

Come with us on an adventure every Wednesday evening as we host a variety of Dungeons & Dragon games! We have a whole team of talented dungeon masters that can create adventures for all ages and skill levels.

Make sure you book to avoid missing out!

Magic Mondays

Join us for a fun night of Magic The Gathering; whether you’re looking to play Standard, Commander, Historic or other formats you’ll find a welcoming atmosphere and people ready to play.

Every entry includes a free Set or Draft booster of the players choice.

Quiz Night

Are you smarter than Lex Luthor? Come to our Tuesday quiz nights for only £5 for two players (including all day access to our board game collection!). Win fabulous Prizes.

Warhammer Sundays

Whether you prefer skirmishes and battles in the far future, squaring up fantasy armies, or playing a rather violent version of American Football. Our growing Warhammer community can accommodate the grizzled vets to the greenest newbies.


There are no upcoming events at this time